Debs and Graduation Suits

Styled For Your Big Day At Suits Select

Debs and Graduation

At Suits Select we have exactly what you need for your debs or graduation. Looking fresh for the big day is just as important as the graduation itself and we can help you pick a suit that reflects your style. Browse our collection of slick suits and make sure that you stand out from the crowd for your big day. We stock a large range of well known brands such as Lloyd & Jefferson, Marc Darcy, Cavani, Gibson, Goor Shoes and more. Our deals won’t be matched by anyone else. You can  get a suit, shirt & tie for €250.

Debs Special

Suit, Shirt & tie.

Only €250

We offer after hours services buy appointment only so call us on 066 712 8965, email or fill out the form below in advance of your booking.

Debs and Graduations

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